We’re back with another easy recipe for superb hand soap. Just a few ingredients make a hand soap that cleans, lathers, and leaves your hand smelling fresh and citrusy.

Unscented liquid soap base
½ Teaspoon Bergamot Essential Oil
¼ Teaspoon lemon Essential Oil
¼ Teaspoon Grapefruit Essential Oil
¼ Teaspoon Sweet Oange Essential Oil
Foaming Soap container (or use your own)

Pour the liquid soap base into a mixing bowl. Starting with Bergamot, add each essential oil individually. Stir oils thoroughly into soap base and carefully pour into container. That’s it! You’re done! These make great gifts and are a fun way to get the kids to wash their hands! The bergamot is a lower note that really smooth’s out to the sharper citrus high notes. Video: