So breakfast. I thought I would get ahead by pre-soaking the pollen and then pureeing it in the blender with water and psyllium husk to add fiber. Not a bad idea in theory, but when I woke up this morning and went to pour my breakfast into a glass I found that the mix had gelled and made a puree thick enough to stand a spoon in! I spent about 10 minutes trying to mix it enough to get out of the bottle and into a glass. It diluted well enough with some extra water but was a little...textured. I think I’ll be taking the psyllium separately from now on.

After a 6:30AM breakfast, I did not eat lunch until 2:00PM and was not at all hungry in between meals. I usually don’t eat breakfast because I’ll typically be hungry enough to want to snack at my desk (which I try to avoid) before lunch, so I usually fast in the morning. I mixed up my lunch portion of pollen in a mason jar and drank it at my desk, grossing out most of my colleagues in the process. I had a good time.

The rest of the workday passed fairly quickly and I went to the gym afterward. Usually when I go work out late in the afternoon/early evening I take down a shot of pre-workout powder for an energy boost, as the massive dose of caffeine helps make me commit to going and putting in the work. I did heavy deadlifts with good energy throughout and did not experience the same crash-out or extreme hunger afterward that I’ve grown used to. Went home, downed the last of my pollen for the day, and got ready for bed.

Important: Before starting this experiment, Jason carefully coordinated with his health care professional to ensure his own safety and nutritional needs would be met. We always recommend checking with your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet. We do not recommend pollen as a single source of nutrition.