Recently, Oakshire Brewing Company made a special Save the Bee beer for us. While the beer is delicious to drink, the soap makers among us got other ideas. We decided to whip up a batch of Save the Bee beer soap!

Why Beer Soap?

  • Hops contain skin softening amino acids
  • Adds foamy, creamy bubbles
  • Can help clear up skin

How To Do It:

Use your favorite cold process soap recipe, and substitute beer for the water in the recipe! It’s just that simple, although there are a couple of guidelines to follow:

  • Use a lye mixing container with plenty of extra room, as the beer may foam up when the lye is added. As an extra precaution, place the mixing container in a stainless steel sink, just in case.
  • Some soapmakers boil their beer first or make ice cubes out of it before adding the lye. We just let ours go flat in the fridge overnight. Be sure to use chilled beer, as adding lye to beer can cause it to overheat and burn.

Safety note: Before proceeding, make sure you are FULLY educated in using lye and making cold process soap, take all safety precautions and use protective equipment, and keep lye FAR away from children.