If you’re a beekeeper, you just may be sitting on a gold mine of supplies you can use to make your own sustainable and upcycled holiday gifts!

Hive components as rustic décor:

A pre-wired honey frame can make a perfect rustic photo display:

  • Clean thoroughly
  • Paint with acrylic paint if you like
  • Use wooden clothespins to hang photos from the wires
  • (If you like this idea, but don’t have the frame, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered)

An old hive box can make a great storage box or planter:

  • Nail the bottom securely to the box and turn upside down.
  • For a decorative storage box, you can add a lid (maybe even add hinges if you’re feeling fancy!).
  • Paint it if you like!
  • Want a fresh clean box, bottom and lid? We’ve got them!

Honey Jar Vase:

After you’ve enjoyed a jar of delicious honey, clean it thoroughly—and then it’s your blank canvas for decorating! You can decoupage it, wrap it with twine, paint it, tie a festive ribbon around it, or whatever else you dream up! Wouldn’t it be cute to decoupage a honey jar with Christmas wrap and fill it with sprigs of greenery?

Beeswax Candles:

If you would like to make candles and other crafts with wax from your own hive, but you’re not sure how to transform the messy, honey-covered wax you have into something usable, we’ve got you covered there too! How to render beeswax from your hives