If you’ve noticed your jar of honey getting hard and granular, don’t fret! This process is called crystallization and is a normal process for honey. Different honeys will crystallize at different rates, depending on the moisture and glucose levels present. These can vary by varietal and from season to season

Crystallized honey scoop in spoonYou Can Eat Crystallized Honey!

Crystallization is a natural process of honey and does not at all mean the honey has gone bad. Correctly stored, honey will never go bad, though it can crystallize. Crystallized honey dissolves great in a hot tea, tastes delicious spread onto toast, or adds a sweet crunch eating it by the spoonful!

Liquify Crystallized Honey

To return honey to a liquid state, you can set the jar in warm to near-boiling water with the lid off. Carefully stir the honey to distribute the warmth and return the crystals to liquid honey. Be careful not to scorch, boil, or burn the honey, which will cause the honey to caramelize. We NEVER recommend placing honey in the microwave.

Crystallized Honey as an ingredient

Crystallized honey is great to use as a substitute for sugar in baking. The lower moisture content of the crystallized honey means fewer adjustments to the liquids in your recipe while maintaining the classic honey sweetness. You can use it to make a honey simple syrup to sweeten drinks, add it to yogurt for texture and sweetness, brew mead, or really any way you would normally use honey!

Crystallized Honey in Body Care

Honey is a humectant, which means it helps lock in moisture. Use it in face masks, hair masks, scrubs, and balms for an extra dose of hydration and wonderfully sweet smell. Plus, honey is antibacterial and can be used on minor cuts and burns.

Our blog has tons of recipes that call for honey, most of which work great with crystallized honey. Controlled crystallization is even used to make our new line of creamed honey, which crystallizes as it is whipped together for a smooth and spreadable honey experience. The only wrong way to use crystallized honey is to not use it at all!