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Aunt Patty's Organic

Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

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12 Fluid Ounce Jar
12192 $7.19 $1.80 OFF (20.02%)
1 Gallon Pail
12188 $54.99
30.6 Fluid Ounce Jar
12195 $17.59 $4.40 OFF (20.01%)
6 / 12 Fluid Ounce Case
12193 $39.09 $6.90 OFF (15%)
6 / 30.6 Fluid Ounce Case
12196 $80.49 $14.20 OFF (15%)
36.5 Pound Pail
12189 $202.99
54 Fluid Ounce Jar
18136 $36.99

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Virgin organic coconut oil is produced in a particularly gentle manner with no chemicals or solvents, to insure that all the natural properties are retained as in the original form of the freshly harvested coconut fruit. In this way the lauric acids and vitamin e are preserved. This coconut oil is pressed out of the fresh flesh of the coconut palm fruit (cocos nucifera). The fresh coconuts are shelled and pared and the white meat is ground and then quick dried. The dried meat is then processed through an expeller and press where the oil is separated from the meat. The oil is then filtered and packaged. Food Grade and non-hydrogenated.

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