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Creating soaps and candles is a fun activity that enables you to experiment with different scents and styles. At GloryBee, we have all the soap and candle making supplies that you may need. We make all our supplies using high-quality materials to ensure that you have everything needed to make the process easier. We offer a selection of tools, wicking, beeswax, and most importantly, essential oils. Experimenting with essential oils is where you truly get to make a creation of your own. If you are looking for a candle or soap that will relax you, opt for a mixture of eucalyptus or lavender. These plants don’t just smell good but have natural relaxing qualities. Browse our soap and candle making supplies today! More about GloryBee Crafting

Soap & Candle Making

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  1. Pomace is simply the oil obtained from the pulp of the olives after the first press. It is frequently used as the oil in olive oil soaps and lotions, and as a cosmetic ingredient.

    Olive Pomace Oil

    (2 sizes)

    $28.79 - $85.99

  2. Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower Oil

    (3 sizes)

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  3. Expeller pressed. A very good ingredient to add for extra conditioning. Provides a stable lather when added to soap. Food Grade.

    Expeller Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

    (1 size)

  4. This cocoa butter is made from roasted cocoa beans and is deodorized with steam.

    Deodorized Cocoa Butter

    (2 sizes)

    $18.99 - $57.99

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  5. Pomace Olive Oil
    Aunt Patty's

    Olive Pomace Oil

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