Starting my own family was a great motivator to seek out healthier ingredients to add to some of our favorite dishes. My first target was refined sugars. My husband was a beekeeper and beekeeping supply dealer which meant we had access to lots and lots of honey. I am a huge fan of working with what you have, so I decided to switch out traditional sugar for honey. I will admit those first recipes weren’t always successful but I kept working with honey in my cooking and baking until I got it just right.

Here are my recommendations for substituting sugar with honey:

For 1 cup of sugar, use 2/3 to ¾ cup of honey
Reduce oven temperature by 25?degrees
Reduce liquid ¼ Cup per Cup of honey
Add ½ tsp baking soda per Cup of honey
For more a more detailed conversion chart using Aunt Patty’s Natural Sweeteners to replace sugars, butters and oils, click here.