Looking for a fun and easy craft for the holidays? These tealight candle holders made from oranges are easy enough for children over the age of 8.



  • Find the “flat” part of your orange. This is the side of the orange that does not roll. A good smack of the orange on a hard surface will usually create a flat portion if you’re having trouble.
  • Place your orange on top of a candle.  Using a craft knife, carefully cut around the tealight at a 45 degree angle.  (Note: children and those who cannot be trust with a craft knife *cough cough crazy Uncle Eric cough cough*, should have an adult preform this step.)
  • Using a butter knife, continue the cut towards the center of the orange.
  • Using a spoon, scoop out the orange wedge.
  • Place the tealight inside the hole.
  • Using a skewer, creating small holes around the surface of the orange. Be creative with your design!
  • Place cloves in the holes for decoration

Note: if your orange *still* wants to roll around, secure it with removable mounting  putty. In addition, do not leave burning candles unattended.

Step 2 Organge candle holder

Step 2: Organge candle holder

Step 3: Organge candle holder

Step 4: Organge candle holder

Step 5: Organge candle holder

Step 6: Organge candle holder

Step 7: Organge candle holder

Step 8: Organge candle holder