Making your own laundry soap at home can be cost-effective without sacrificing cleaning power! We posted last week about a homemade coconut oil laundry bar recipe, which you can grate and combine with a few other ingredients to create a gentle and mild, yet deep cleaning laundry soap.


Cheese Grater
Mixing Bowl
Airtight Container (for storage)


1 Laundry Bar (Zote Soap, Fels Naptha, or make your own)
3 Cups Borax
3 Cups Washing Soda (to make your own washing soda, use 3 Cups Baking Soda and see Step 2 below)


1. Grate laundry bar with a cheese grater.

2. If you do not have washing soda on hand, spread baking soda onto cookie sheet and bake at 400° F for 15 minutes to transform into washing soda.

3. Mix laundry bar shreds, washing soda and borax in a large bowl gently by hand. Be sure to wear gloves, as they can dry out your skin

4. Use 1/8 cup of soap per load of laundry.