Tired of spending the money on expensive aerosol bathroom air fresheners? Here are some fragrance blends perfect for your bathroom  that can be easily blended and refilled to save money and keep your nose happy!


Blend 1: LavenderLemonCedarwood
Blend 2: EucalyptusLavenderPeppermint
Blend 3: PeppermintLemon
Blend 4: Sweet OrangeGrapefruit
Blend 5: LemongrassGrapefruit

2 Tbsp rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or Vodka*
8 oz Plastic Spray Bottle
Distilled Water*


1. In the spray bottle, combine the rubbing alcohol and fragrance oils. Start with 50 drops of each fragrance. If you think you want a stronger fragrance add 2-3 drops at a time until you have achieved the desired fragrance. Shake to mix thoroughly.

2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. Be sure to leave enough room to shake mixture.

3. Spray about 5 spritzes into the bathroom before and after to achieve optimal effect.