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Become a Beekeeper- Winter Beekeeping Classes at GloryBee

Are you ready to become a beekeeper? Now is the perfect time to start learning the time-honored tradition of keeping bees. The beekeeping season kicks-off in mid-April. These winter months provide the perfect opportunity to discover all you to need to know to start your beekeeping adventure.

Beekeepng 101- GloryBee’s Crash Course in Beekeeping
(Cost: $25.00- includes book: “First Lessons in Beekeeping”.)

Learn from the experts! Join Mike France and Erica Fosnight, GloryBee’s veteran beekeepers , on a fast-paced, in-depth discussion of beekeeping basics.

Topics Include:

  • Types of Bees- Which type is right for me?
  • The Bare Minimum- what do I need to get started?
  • Hives- Supers, Frames, Screened Bottoms- all the parts that make up a hive.
  • Feeding the hive- What do bees eat and how can I help them?
  • Tools of the trade-how to use J-Hooks, smokers and other beekeeping essentials.
  • Protective Clothing- Bee Jackets, veils, and suits.
  • Caring for my bees-Hive location and medications
  • Honey!- learn extraction basics

We only have 25 spots available and they are filling up fast. Call 800.456-7923 to register.

Beekeeping 101- Crash Course in Beekeeping
Saturday January 21
GloryBee Factory Store
Cost: $25.00 (Includes book: “First Lessons in Beekeeping”)

2 thoughts on “Become a Beekeeper- Winter Beekeeping Classes at GloryBee”

  • Patty Edwards

    Do you have any bee classes coming up or did I miss it?
    thank you,
    Patty Edwards

    • GloryBee

      Patty, Thanks for reaching out! We've got a beekeeping 101 class on April 6th. Please give our factory store a ring at 1-800-456-7923 to register for classes.


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