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Oregon Beekeepers: Ask a Beekeeper

As we continue beekeeping in these crazy times we know that new beekeepers will have many questions. Normally there would be more options to get questions answered like attending a local bee club meeting or asking questions of our factory store workers. This year we wanted to have resources available even though the normal channels are not an option. 

For Lane County Oregon beekeepers, our “Ask a Beekeeper” list has some very knowledgeable beekeepers who can and will help you work through some of the questions you have when getting started. 

Not in Lane County Oregon? Reach out to your local beekeeping clubs and see if they offer a something similar.

Please remember these beekeepers are just volunteers and not GloryBee employees so please be respectful of their time. 

We hope you will have a very successful beekeeping year.

3 thoughts on “Oregon Beekeepers: Ask a Beekeeper”

  • Christopher P Warren
    Christopher P Warren May 15, 2020 at 2:31 pm

    Howdy! Signed up for canceled Bee School and bought a bunch of stuff and ordered a Demo Hive and picked them up today and I wonder if I should have taken the stuff back when the Class was canceled bcuz I don't have a clue about a lot of stuff, do I need to feed the Demo Hive? They've been pretty active and lots of Blackberries and flowering trees are available. When should I add the next super? Hope I can figure it out before they wake up tomorrow and what book should I get? Thanks! Chris

    • GloryBee

      Thanks for reaching out. This is a good start:

      The next deep super will be ready to be added anytime now.

      They should be fed one more time by filling the black inner feeder with 1 to 1 sugar water.

    • Christopher P Warren
      Christopher P Warren May 16, 2020 at 4:13 pm

      Trying to figure this out so thanks!


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