Woke up after a night of strange and vivid dreams - don’t know if this was due to the pollen, the deadlifts, or watching ‘The Dirty Dozen’ before bedtime. I can’t say I was really looking forward to breakfast but I decided to add in some yogurt whey to try and save my gut bacteria and the flavor was surprisingly good. I’m considering doing a couple of shots of homemade sauerkraut brine to keep my electrolytes in good stead as well.

Work was pretty hectic so I didn’t get to lunch until 2:30PM but wasn’t at all hungry beforehand. A colleague suggested it might be because I wasn’t looking forward to another round of pollen, and to be entirely honest I can’t say that I was. I’m curious to see whether or not this is because I’m beginning to re-frame meals as fuel as opposed to a sensory experience (this is tough, given my professional background in the culinary world) or if it’s just because this stuff doesn’t taste all that great. I am grateful to have a quick and easy way to consume a ‘meal’ as it takes me all of 45 seconds to knock back a pint of liquefied pollen and then it’s done. Either way, I only have to deal with this a few times a day.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend and getting to move away from pollen as a raw source of nutrition and into its properties as an ingredient, the difference being similar to eating a green wheat berry fresh from the plant vs drying, grinding, fermenting, and converting into a baked loaf of sourdough bread.

Lunch and dinner passed uneventfully, still doing liquified pollen with a bit of yogurt whey, and adding in a pinch of salt as I only have so much sauerkraut brine sitting around. I haven’t noticed any issues with electrolyte balance and feel pretty good.

Important: Before starting this experiment, Jason carefully coordinated with his health care professional to ensure his own safety and nutritional needs would be met. We always recommend checking with your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet. We do not recommend pollen as a single source of nutrition.