Bees are responsible for the majority of foods you have in your home and these little floating submarines are quite an interesting species. If you have ever been remotely interested in how bees work to pollinate the world, or if you have ever been called a busy bee, then it may be time to consider taking up beekeeping as a hobby.

Here are some of the best reasons you should grab your beekeeping equipment and get started in the wonderful world of bees!

You'll get your own pot of gold

Even though it may be obvious, the output of bees is what makes everything worth it. Raw honey and bee pollen can be used in many different ways and considering that each American consumes about 1.3 pounds of honey per year, it is always in a constant supply! Are you wondering what exactly is the difference between honey from the store and honey from your own bees? We can't tell you -- you'll just have to pick up a beekeeper hat and trust us.

Americans consume honey

You'll have the best garden on the block

When beekeeping, another perk you can expect is to have beautiful flowers at all times. While you're at it, start growing your own garden and you can expect a bountiful crop with the help of your little flying friends!

You won't have to spend a lot of time with them (But can if you'd like)

Bees are independent animals and don't necessarily require a lot of upkeep. They often like to be left alone to do their bee duty, so you won't have to constantly be around them. However, there are times where you do need to use your bee hive smoker and other beekeeping equipment to find the queen and split the hive, but this only happens a few times a year

You can go anywhere with the bees

Think of your bees as pets -- you can live almost anywhere with them. This means you can raise them in the suburbs, on a farm, even in an apartment building. They're even better when you bring them into the city as they can help pollinate where bees aren't normally found.

Do these reasons convince you to try out beekeeping? We hope so!