loose pollen on wood tableI had so many plans today, most of which were put off by the wind storm that blew through the night before, knocking down our back privacy fence. I spent the morning getting the thing put back up and secured, and by the time breakfast came around at 1:00 PM I just got it over with as quickly as possible, and then downed ‘lunch’ immediately afterwards, with a plan to have an early dinner. I made a calculated decision to fast on Monday, as a diet of bee pollen and being in confined spaces for hours at a stretch would NOT earn me any points with my fellow travelers. There are definite downsides to a pollen-exclusive diet.

Once breakfast and lunch were done I went on to getting packed and set in order for my trip to South Carolina to attend the 2019 American Beekeeping Federation conference and tradeshow. I got all packed, house cleaned, everything set for me to be gone a week, and then caught a whiff of the stuff and gagged on dinner about halfway through the glass. I’d been developing a smell aversion since day 4 or so and I can’t say I was surprised that it finally got to me. I had to set the glass down, sip some water, and brace myself for the other half. I got it down without incident - but it was a clear signal that this experiment was nearing its end. I’m going to do my best to stick to it as long as reasonably possible.