Beekeepers can be difficult to shop for. Most veteran beekeepers have all the beekeeping gear they need and beginning beekeepers have a lot of decisions to make to determine which style of gear would be best their new hobby- things like how many hives, location, climate, and time to devote to the hobby.

SAve the Bee Hats

The one thing that both beginning and experienced beekeepers have in common is a love for honey bees and the honey they make. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the beekeepers in your life. And if you’re a beekeeper yourself, be sure to put some of these ideas on your own wish list.

SAVE the BEE Hat
In year’s past, beekeepers were thought of as odd and eccentric, but today, beekeepers are revered and respected caretakers of honey bees. Give a beekeeper you know a stylish SAVE the BEE baseball cap that proudly supports the profession of beekeepers and emphasizes the importance of protecting honey bees.

Honey Sampling Collection
Beekeepers love honey, but did you know not all honeys taste alike. Honey gets its flavor from the predominate flower the bees that made the honey collected the nectar from. Try putting together an exotic honey sampling for beekeepers to taste the wide range of flavors honeys can have. We recommend meadowfoam, white clover, buckwheat and Orange blossom for a wide range of colors and flavors.

Do Not Spray signs
Beekeepers love their bees and want to do their best to protect them, but sometimes its not what the beekeepers do- it’s what their neighbors do that hurt their bees. These “No Spraying Please” signs gently remind the neighbors of beekeepers to use the alternatives to spraying when caring for their plants. Healthy bees mean healthy plants for everyone around.

No Spray Sign

Products from the Hive
Bees make more than honey. They make Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly- all known to have health benefits to people who use these products regularly. Not every beekeeper is able to extract and gather these great supplements bees make from their own hives, so give them the gifts from the bees and an energy-filled boost to their well-being

SAVE the BEE Hoodie
Bees supply 1/3 of the worlds food supply and yet bee populations are declining. Beekeepers are keeping bee populations alive and thriving so we all have good healthy food to eat. Everyone can benefit from the good beekeepers are doing by keeping hives of bees. Give the beekeeper in your life a SAVE the BEE hoodie to open up conversations to one of their favorite topics—the honey bee.