In the last post, we discussed a few basic beekeeping tools that are essential for honey harvesting success. It's no secret that raw organic honey can be used in countless ways, but one of its best uses is for delectables like our Pure Organic Royal Jelly. But before you can harvest your own honey, it's important to take the right steps. Here is some more beekeeping equipment for beekeeping beginners.

  1. Bee Brush:While not an absolutely essential piece of equipment, bee brushes are greatly helpful for removing bees from frames and generally helping to manage their positions in the hive. It's important to use these delicately, as they can hurt the bees if used incorrectly. says, "a forceful brush can damage tiny and delicate bee parts, such as legs and wings. It may also anger and frustrate bees, leading to increased alarm pheromones...Other beekeepers feel the brush has its place, especially when it comes to honey extractions." Bee brushes may be better suited for more advanced beekeepers, but they can also benefit the adventurous beginner with some practice. They cost around $6 and are generally seen as a good investment.
  2. Queen Catcher:Another less common beekeeping tool, queen catchers are designed to capture the queen bee in order to isolate her from the hive for a variety of reasons, typically when the beekeeper is going through the hive. This actually ensures that the queen will be kept safe and won't escape during hive inspections or honey harvests.
  3. Essential Oils:Essential oils can significantly help with a variety of common issues. They help attract bees to swarm boxes in addition to eliminating hive beetles, which are extremely common in hives that aren't being inspected frequently enough. Finally, essential oils can be added in small amounts to the sugar water that the bees are fed at certain times.

Ultimately, these beekeeping tools are guaranteed to make any beekeeping venture easier. Since 2006, the retail price of honey has almost doubled, and backyard beekeeping is as much of a hobby as it is a way to harvest your own sweet and delicious honey. Of course, there are easier ways to enjoy the fruits of the honey harvest! For more information about ordering our Pure Organic Royal Jelly, contact GloryBee for all your organic honey needs.