By choosing to support Fair Trade, GloryBee is showing a commitment to do better for the world, protect the environment, and support small holder farmers in producer communities. A Fair Trade label is a way to ensure food is produced in a community that is paid fairly for their commodity, and has access to basic health care, education, healthy food and clean water. Fair Trade certifiers pay a premium to the small holder farmers, and facilitate an annual social project in the small holder farming community. The cost of this premium is passed on to the distributor and the consumer. While the premium often makes a Fair Trade certified good more expensive that its counterpart, it is a way for consumers to translate their values up the supply chain.

Some of our products come from around the world, and we take great care to source these products responsibly. Fair Trade certification is one way GloryBee ensures producer communities receive a fair wage and are employed under fair labor practices. Fair Trade certification has increased by 73% since 2010, and continues to grow. Certified products include raw honey, honey bears, spices and coconut oil.