Bees are some of the most important critters on our planet. In fact, bees are responsible for almost one in every three bites of food we eat! Without these striped insects, we'd be in serious trouble. That means its our job to protect them and to teach future generations how to do so, as well.

Not sure why it's so important to teach children about bees? Let's review a few reasons.

Children Are the Future

As we grow older, it will be up to our children to shape the world around them. Teaching them to respect and care for bees, which are responsible for so much plantlife on Earth, is a key step in helping them build a better future. And by starting these lessons, you'll be setting an excellent example for your children. After all, they learn first from parents and teachers. You could be the one to start helping them understand why bees are so important.

With some hands-on education and a few fun exercises, you and your children could be well on your way to helping the bees for years to come.

A Healthy Respect for Our Buzzing Friends

Children might have a bit of fear surrounding bees because they sting. While it's important to respect and care for bees, fearing them doesn't need to be part of the equation. In fact, fear of bees may even harm them in the future.

The best tool against fear is education. By learning about bees, your children can begin to understand that these tiny creatures are much more than buzzing, stinging insects. They help bring us flowers, honey, fruits, vegetables, and so much more.

Time to Start Teaching!

Now that you know how important it is to teach our children about bees, it's time to gather some information. We hope these kid-friendly bee facts help you and your children learn.