Place 4 chai tea bags into a standard-sized teapot. Pour boiling water over the tea bags, leaving enough room in the teapot to add 1 cup of almond milk. 

Add 1 cup of hot almond milk (heated for a couple of minutes in the microwave, or over the stovetop) to the teapot. Wrap in a towel or cover with a tea cozy. Let steep for 5 minutes. 

Remove tea bags and add honey. We recommend starting with a couple of tablespoons and adding more to taste.  

Here’s where it gets fun: you can adjust the flavor profile of your latte depending on the honey you choose. 

For a traditional, familiar honey flavor, try GloryBee Organic Clover Blossom Honey 

For a fresh, summery flavor, try GloryBee California Orange Blossom Honey 

For a strong, distinct flavor, try GloryBee Raw Buckwheat Blossom Honey 

For a spicy kick, try GloryBee Habanero Honey 

For a buttery treat, try GloryBee Honey Ghee 

Once you’ve sweetened the chai with your honey of choice, pour into mugs and enjoy!