Transportation is an area we can directly control as a company, as we own our fleet of trucks and employ our drivers. 75% of our products are transported on our own fleet, and the remaining 25% is picked up by less than truck load (LTL) shippers, or by our customers in the Factory Store.

Our biodiesel is purchased from Oregon owned companies who reclaim oil from food industry sources. Our biodiesel is made from 100% recycled oil, repurposed from waste food grade oil. In fact, in 2014 we contributed to our own biodiesel supply, selling 6,470 lbs. of inconsumable oil product to our biodiesel provider.

In 2014:

  • Improved our fuel efficiency to 6.55 mpg, and completed the installation of on board recording devices to better measure efficiency.
  • Drove 569,315 miles
  • Carried 11% more weight
  • 54,264 pounds transported by bike
  • 100% of routes are used for haul backs, when possible