If you're looking for a fun craft project this holiday season, try making a pillar candle with soy way. It's biodegradable and environmental friendly. You can add your favorite scent or essential oil - sugar cookie scent is a best-loved fragrance around here.

golden pillar candleBasic Ingredients & Supplies

Pillar Blend Soy Wax
Paper-core wicking
Mold Sealer and Duct Tape*
Wick Bars
Candle Mold
Essential Oil: 1/2 oz /4 lbs of wax (optional)
Colorant: 8-15 drops /1 lb of wax (optional)
Silicone Spray (helps release the wax from the mold.)


    1. You will need to determine how much wax to melt depending on the mold you choose. Using a double boiler or a melting pot and double boiler ring, melt wax.


    1. Run pre-measured wick through your mold and secure bottom with a mold sealer. Pull wick and tightly secure to a wick bar at the top of the mold. Be careful not to pull on the wick too much as it can pull right through the mold or tear from the sharpness of the wick bar.


    1. When wax has reached its recommended pouring temperature (160-165° F), remove from heat and add essential oil and colorant and stir well. Test the color by placing a few drops on a white piece of paper. Within a few moments you should be able to tell what color result you will have for your candle.


    1. When you’ve mixed color and fragrance to your liking, pour the wax into your mold. Try pouring about an inch of wax into the container first to check that there are no leaks in your mold. Keep some reserve wax for use later on.


    1. Once your candle has cooled just enough, check it for “dipping” or cracking. Use your reserve wax to fill these holes and top off your candle. This will allow your candle to burn longer!


    1. Allow your candle cool for 12 hours before releasing from pillar mold. Trim wick to a 1/2" and allow to cure for 24-48 hours before burning.