Whether you are a novice baker or own a shop, you know a couple of things remain true. So much of the quality of your product depends on the quality of your ingredients. Moreover, there will always be a handful of ingredients you must constantly have in your pantry as you’re more likely to run out of them sooner. Find out five of the most important ingredients every baker needs in their kitchen.

Leavening Agents

A leavening agent helps your bakery products rise due to the gasses that add air to your goods. There are a variety of leavening agents you can use, and which bakers choose depends on their preferences. It’s a good idea to have rising agents, such as baking powder or baking soda, always on hand, as these work faster and are much easier to use than natural risers. 


Of course, you can’t have a bakery without copious amounts of flour. You can use many kinds of flour, which is great as your customers or friends will have differing diets. Moreover, certain baked goods require specific types of flour. 

That’s why it’s so useful to have flour in bulk. Are you looking for bulk food wholesalers? At Glorybee, you can purchase a wide range of high-quality baking ingredients from us in bulk.  


Sugar and baking go hand in hand, and it’s one of the most important ingredients every bakery needs. It’s fun to experiment with different types of sweeteners, so having a variety of them in your pantry is helpful. Moreover, many of your clients will be more health-conscious and prefer healthy sweetener options such as honey or maple syrup. 


You will need countless dairy products, as they are crucial to keeping your baked goods delicious and intact. You will require three of the most important ingredients: unsalted butter, milk, and eggs. You should always have these on hand with how quickly these ingredients can spoil and how often you test new baked goods. 


Salt is the unsung hero of your bakery. It’s so minor, yet you can’t help but notice when it’s missing. Thankfully, there aren’t many different types of salt you need to stock. Sea salt or kosher salt works great.