When we pull long hours here at GloryBee, things can get a bit kooky. A few years ago, an employee grabbed two random HoneyStix for a quick pick-me-up. She popped both in her mouth, and remarked “This tastes JUST like a Caramel apple”.

Soon we were all trying to come up with new flavor combinations. Through years of rigorous testing, we’ve come up with the following HoneyStix combos:

HoneyStix Flavor Combinations

Sour Fruit Punch: Sour Cherry + Sour Grape
Strawberry Lemonade: Sour Strawberry + Pink Lemonade
Apple Pie: Cinnamon + Sour Apple
Caramel Apple: Caramel + Sour Apple
Berry-liscous: Sour Raspberry + Sour Strawberry
Creamcicle: Orange + Vanilla
Chocolate Covered Almond: Chocolate + Amaretto
Mountain Meadow: Clover + Wildflower
Lemon Ginger Tea: Lemon + Ginger
Mojito: Lime + Mint
Root Beer Float: Root Beer + Vanilla

Tasty drink pairings

Chai Tea and Vanilla HoneyStix
Black Tea and Peach HoneyStix
Green Tea and Ginger HoneyStix
Mango Tea and Lime HoneyStix
Coffee and Caramel HoneyStix
Coffee and Amaretto HoneyStix