How to wire framesWood frames with wired pure, beeswax foundation have been the preferred combination of frames & foundation for traditional beekeepers ever since the Langstroth hive was invented in 1851. However, due to time constraints to assemble and wire beeswax foundation onto wood frames, this combination has grown less and less popular over the past 15 to 20 years as new, more efficient forms of frames and foundation (i.e. plastic) have been developed.

From our experience, it’s not only more natural and healthy for the bees, but also much easier to get a new package of bees started on pure beeswax foundation. Since it’s made by them, bees prefer this over any other type.

Now, there’s a way to have the best of both worlds (tradition and efficiency) by using our new pre-wired wooden frames.

Pre-Wired Frame Installation Instructions:

Beeswax foundation can easily break when it’s cold.  We recommend working in a room that is warm and that the foundation is at room temperature.

    1. Using a hive tool or knife, remove the wedge from the top bar of the frame.


    1. Insert the bottom edge of the foundation into the grooved bottom of the frame.  The top edge with hooks should lay against the top bar of the frame where the wedge was removed.  Make sure the hooks are facing out.


    1. Place the wedge piece back onto the frame over the hooks of the foundation.  Press firmly down to make sure the foundation is in place.


    1. Flip the frame upside down on a solid work surface and reattach the wedge to the frame using a small hammer and frame nails.  Start with one nail in the center of the wedge making sure the nail goes completely through and into the top of the frame.  Finish with 2 more nails, each one about an inch in from each side of the frame.


    1. Place the frame on a form board with the horizontal wires facing up.


  1. Embed the wire into the wax with a spur wire embedder by running the tool along the horizontal wires, pushing down gently.
Now your frames are ready to use!